Pole mounted outdoor vacuum circuit-breaker
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outdoor boundary vacuum circuit-breaker
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Product description:

   HZW20-12 outdoor boundary vacuum circuit-breaker, which is the ideal equipment to avoid  the power cut when the single user circuit  happens broke down . 

Current transformer work together  with  the controller. It is installed on the T point of 10kV overhead distribution lines or user terminal, it can realize the automatic switching off of single-phase earthing line  faults and automatic isulating short-circuit faults, ensured the electrical safety.


HZW20-12 Features:

The overall structure is superior:

-The overall structure is superior

box-type seal structure, full enclosure, the material of shell is stainless steel and 


- Flexible and convenient operation:

-Spring type operated actuator which can be automatic power storage,Remote control off-on switch ,meanwhile, can be power storage by hands,manually control off-on switch .

-Permanent magnetic actuator which can remotely  and manually control off-on switch

-High level of automatic control : 

It can realize remote operation, GPRS remote control.

- Good insulating property 

Vacuum interrupter and compound insulation

-Flexible installation:pole mount or fixed base installation

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